Admission to the Early Childhood Education Program

If you have not applied for admission, call the Office of Admissions at 937.512.3000 and request an application for admission.  You may also apply for admission online.  There is no cost involved to apply for admission.  The admission fee of $10 will be added to your first term fee bill.

If you are seeking a certificate of completion and/or an associate of applied science degree and have never attended college, you must take the placement assessment tests, attend an orientation session, and see a division academic advisor prior to enrolling in classes.  The hours for testing during fall/winter/spring term when classes are in session are 8-8 Monday-Thursday, 8-4 Friday, and 9-2 on Saturday.  During the summer term, the testing center is closed on Saturday.  Allow 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours for the reading, writing, and math assessment.  No appointments are taken; it is done on a first come, first served basis. 

If you have transfer credits from another college or university, after applying for admission, have official transcripts from any prior institutions sent directly to the Office of Records & Registration at Sinclair Community College.  The address is 444 W. Third Street, Dayton, OH  45402.  You may then contact Ms. Madelyn Buran, a counselor for the Division of Extended Learning and Human Services, through which the Early Childhood Education Program is offered.  Her phone number is 937.512.2720 and her office is in Building 9, Room 9301.  Technical courses taken at other colleges or institutions are evaluated by Ms. Buran or by the department chairperson, Ms. Karen Winston, on a course-by-course basis after transfer of credits is completed.  You may then see a faculty academic advisor from the Early Childhood Education academic program.  Call 937.512.2722 for the advisor's name and phone number.

If you wish to take courses for career development and/or personal interest (not degree or certificate seeking), you may register for courses after applying for admission.  Please realize that some courses have prerequisite courses that must be taken prior to others.  If you need assistance in selecting appropriate classes for your needs contact your Early Childhood Education faculty academic advisor or contact Ms. Madelyn Buran at 937.512.2720.

NOTE:  Section 5104.09 Prohibition Against Employment - ECE students seeking a degree and/or certificate must have a criminal records check from the State of Ohio.  Individuals who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to the crimes listed in this section of the Ohio Revised Code will legally be unable to complete degree and/or certificate requirements.