ECE 281 Student Teaching II

ECE 281 Course Information and Current Availability

Course Information

Factors to Consider for ECE 281 Student Teaching II

Students who enroll in ECE 281 Fall quarter:
· Will have the maximum number of weeks per quarter to complete 165 clock hours at the student teaching site
· Will have the opportunity to access different early childhood education models e.g. Head Start, inclusive classrooms, etc.
· Will be expected to be at their site Monday through Friday
· Will have afternoons (past 12:00) and evenings for other courses, with the exception of seminar
· Will have to discount clock hours due to two to three days off at Thanksgiving

Students who enroll in ECE 281 Winter quarter:
· Will have 11 weeks to complete 165 clock hours at the student teaching site
· Will have opportunity to access different early childhood education models
· Will have potential for snow days when site might be closed (anywhere from one day to two weeks)
· Will be expected to be at their site Monday through Friday
· Will have some afternoons and evenings available for classes
· Additional hours might need to be made up in the afternoons due to snow days
· Will have to discount hours due to potential holiday closings on President’s Day, Martin Luther King day

Students who enroll in ECE 281 Spring Quarter:
· Will have the fewest number of weeks to complete 165 clock hours at student teaching site.  They may have a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of eleven weeks.
· May have a Spring break (minus five calendar days) to discount from total hours
· May have an early end to the site’s school year (anytime from May 15 too May 31)
· Will have limited opportunity for specific early childhood education models, e.g. if the student is interested in a MVCDC Head Start, they would need to be at the site both a.m. and p.m. five days a week for six weeks without any absences
· Will be less able to take afternoon classes due to need to have afternoons available to complete ECE 381 hours

Students who enroll in ECE 281 Summer quarter:
· Will have eleven weeks to complete 165 clock hours at the student teaching site
· Will have limited access to different early childhood education models. 
· Placements are typically in child care facilities.  Head Start classrooms, public school classrooms may not be available
· May have different programming that is specific to summer e.g. many childcare facilities modify programs to reflect a “summer camp” approach.
· Will be able to take afternoon and evening classes

Application Process
Students that have successfully completed ECE 281 (“C” or better) must apply one quarter in advance.  The application is available in the CFE Office, Room 9222.  The required documentation for ECE 281 includes the completed application, three letters of reference, updated medical statement, updated fingerprints, copy of college transcript, and copy of high school diploma.  This must all be on file before the placement process begins.  Placement will not occur until all documentation is complete and they have registered for ECE 281. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the status of all forms when they complete their ECE 281 application. The student will not receive any more than one week notice of the placement in between quarters and will need to plan clock hours accordingly.  ECE 281 placement cannot be made until the grade for ECE 182 (“C” or better) is posted

The student will be informed of their ECE 281 placement site before the beginning of the quarter in which ECE 281 is scheduled.  They will not be placed until all documentation is received and they have registered for the course.  An orientation session is held during the first weekly seminar.  Students will be provided with an orientation packet for themselves and an information packet for their cooperating teacher (CT) at the student teaching site.

Student Teaching Hours
ECE 281 hours at the student teaching site count towards the supervised clock hours required to apply for the Pre-kindergarten Associate Teacher License from the Ohio Department of Education.  All ECE 281 student teachers must complete 165 supervised clock hours.  Each student must spend a minimum of 15 hours per week for 11 weeks in the assigned center, Monday through Friday during the mornings. 

Attendance Policies
ECE 281 student teachers are required to sign in and out each day on the time sheet.  ECE 281 student teachers must schedule and make up any clock hours missed on their own time.  Each student is required to attend the weekly seminar on campus.  Absences from assigned student teaching centers should be telephoned in to the cooperating teacher, the ECE 281 student teaching supervisor.  Absences from the weekly seminar should be phoned in to the ECE 281 student teaching supervisor.  The ECE 281 student teacher is responsible for completing their time sheet, obtaining the cooperating teacher’s signature for documentation of hours, and ensuring throughout the quarter that clock hours will meet the criteria.  Credit will not be given for ECE 281 if the student does not complete 165 clock hours.

A weekly seminar is scheduled for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Attendance is required.  ECE 281 students are expected to complete and turn in all required written assignments at the weekly seminar.  Failure to regularly attend the ECE 281 seminar will result in failure to complete the course.

Student Teaching Sites
Sites are selected based on criteria established by PreK Associate Teaching license requirements.  ECE 281 students are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures of the program.  If a center determines that a student teacher has failed to comply with policies and procedures; is not displaying competent teaching behaviors; and/or is not conducting him/herself in a professional manner, the center has the right to dismiss the student teacher from the center.

Professional Conduct
The ECE 281 student is expected to be punctual at the center and regularly attend during the scheduled hours.  The student teacher is expected to notify the center, the cooperating teacher, and the ECE 281 supervisor if absent.  The student teacher is expected to dress appropriately based on the dress code at the center.  Professional and ethical practices and conduct are expected at all times when interacting with staff, children, and families.

Students are evaluated on skills developed in prerequisite courses.  These are based on ECE Program Outcomes:
1. Develop and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum
2. Use appropriate guidance techniques
3. Demonstrate professionalism in the child care setting
4. Observe and assess child’s behavior
5. Maintain children’s health and safety
6. Utilize effective communication skills
7. Establish positive and productive relationships with each child’s family
8. Establish and maintain a developmentally appropriate environment  in a child care center

Students are also evaluated based on the quality of the written assignments and promptness in completion, the development of a portfolio, completion of midterm and final written evaluations by the cooperating teacher, the student teacher and the faculty supervisor.  The quality of written assignments is important, but students cannot pass the course based only on these assignments.  However, a student can fail the course because of inferior or late written assignments. All assignments that are implemented within the center must be pre-approved by the cooperating teacher and documented in writing after implementation by the cooperating teacher.

Assignments include but are not limited to the following:

Activity plans   Interactive bulletin boards  Weekly reflections
Circle time activities  Parent newsletter   Parent conference
Prop boxes   Student teaching goals  Center description
Special display tables  Letter of introduction   Resume/cover letter
Educational philosophy Self-evaluations   Portfolio