GIS Advisory Committee

GIS Advisory Committee Mission Statement

The GIS Advisory Committee will provide support and serve as a sounding board, offering ideas, expertise and honest advice for the ongoing development of the Sinclair Community College Geographic Information Systems Program.  The committee will advocate for the program and expand its visibility.

The Advisory Committee will:

·       Evaluate current academic offerings to determine if they are providing necessary skills to meet the needs of business, industry, government and education

·       Secure cooperative training sites, internships and assist in the placement of students and  graduates

·       Act as advocates in the community to expand the visibility of the program



Expectations of the Advisory Committee:

Each member will:

·       Serve a minimum of 2 years with the option to continue

·       Attend scheduled meetings (no more than two a year)

·       Keep the department informed of new developments in business, industry, government and education as it relates to GIS

·       Provide feedback, suggestions and guidance related to curriculum, instruction and student readiness

·       Assist in the development of training sites and internships

·       Promote the program