Theatre and Dance Auditions

bare: a pop opera

Cast List

Jason: Bobby Mitchum

Peter: Anthony Breslin

Ivy: Natalie Sanders

Nadia: Anna Sheldon

Matt: Greyson Calvert

Lucas: Woody Hieb

Tanya: Amber Butler

Kyra: Jennifer Smith

Diane: Hayley Penchoff

Rory: Brooke Watson

Zack: Andre’ Tomilson

Alan: David Brandt

Claire: Kira Miller

Sr. Chantelle: Stephanie Radford

Priest: Sklyer McNeely

Additional Students: Bryana Bentley

Please indicate acceptance of your role by noon on Tuesday September 9, 2014.
If you fail to meet this deadline, you will be re-cast.
In order to accept your role, you must e-mail your bio to Patti Celek (
For guidelines in writing a bio please refer to
After you receive an email from Patti Celek approving your bio, you can pick up the script in room 2221.
As a Sinclair Theatre Performance major you are required to sign up for THE1199 if you have not yet taken it. You must be registered by September 22nd, or you will be recast. Please see Kimberly Borst to register.
Please remember, you need to maintain the physical appearance from the time of your call back. You are prohibited from altering your physical appearance, i.e. – hair color, haircut, piercings, tattoos, facial hair, significant weight gain or loss, etc., without specific approval of the costume designer for the production.  Please contact Kathleen Hotmer at 937-512-4096 if you have any questions.
*See you at the first rehearsal at 6:30pm in the Green Room (2334) on Monday September 29th!