Biography Guidelines

Biography:  Please write your own professional biography for the program in approximately 70 words. This is your opportunity to tell people about YOU.
Hit the highlights of your theatre career. List favorite roles or shows instead of ALL of them! Tell about your training and awards. Identify yourself as a student and tell your future plans. Please do not begin: “(Your name) is excited to be appearing on the Blair Hall Stage….
Patrons, other than your mom, actually READ these. Some do it before the show to prepare for the performance, see if they know anyone or just because they’re bored. Others do it at intermission because they are impressed by your performance or technical work and want to know more about YOU. Who knows, there may be directors and producers in the audience looking for someone to fill a position they have now or will have in the future. OR someone who can offer you a scholarship!
Avoid using half of your promotional space thanking people or patronizing fellow cast and crew. Thank them in person or save it for your Tony acceptance speech!


  • Include your name and role first.
  • Write in third person. After listing your name first, you may use he/she, him/her or even your first name for other references to yourself.
  • Make sure all plays mentioned are in italics (include roles you played if possible)
  • Try using a clever adjective or two: madcap, cross-dressing,  (see below)
  • Avoid over using words like: thrilled, excited, debut, main stage (see below)
  • Learn to spell “theatre” and other words. Use spell check.
  • List your major: Performance or Theatre Technology
  • Tell what your future plans are. Example: She plans to transfer to Ohio State to pursue a BFA in Theatre Technologies. Not: She’ll earn her BFA from Ohio State.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments, plans, and progress toward graduation.

    You may have seen Name Goes Here’s (Ensemble) madcap seducing, cross-dressing escapades as Hermidas in February'sTriumph of Love. Other favorite past roles include Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Emily Webb in Our Town and Cathy in Cat's Paw.
    Name Goes Here (Assistant Lighting Designer) continues to light up Dayton.  With a background in event production, this is XXXXXX’s debut as an assistant designer.  Last year XXXXXX held the position of Master Electrician (a title he continues to carry this season), but is stretching his theatrical chops by designing lights.  Be sure to see his light design of Richard III at Blair Hall this winter!    
    Please spell check and paste bio in an e-mail to .  Also copy to Spell my name correctly or the information goes to never-never land instead of the program. Please don’t ask me to find one that’s run in another program. Update it before forwarding.
    Headshots: Headshots are required for all actors, designers, and stage management team (SM, ASM, PA). No biographies will be published without headshots – it’s both or nothing – departmental policy. If you do not provide an approved bio/headshot, it will be noted in the program: Information not provided by actor/technician so it is clear that it was not accidentally left out but YOUR decision not to comply with company guidelines.
    HEADSHOTS WILL BE TAKEN BEFORE A SCHEDULED REHEARSAL: your stage manager will let you know when. PLEASE dress appropriately for a headshot. No T-shirts. Do hair and makeup for a professional appearance. You may provide your own headshot IF IT IS SENT ELECTRONICALLY BEFORE the headshot photo shoot and approved.