To qualify for DIT limited-enrollment/restricted courses you will be required to have the following:


General physical examination by your medical doctor. Must be completed preceding your first day of starting DIT limited-enrollment courses with clinical/management rotations (2nd year-4th semester).
Immunizations: Mandatory
Influenza: recommend one dose of influenza vaccine annually
Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR): vaccination or positive antibody titers

PPD Skin Test: A two-step PPD skin test should be completed within one to two months prior to starting DIT limited-enrollment courses with clinical & management rotations. Once initiated, the two- step process is to be completed within a 14-21 day time frame A positive reaction requires documentation of physician evaluation. Please send proof, if you have already completed the initial 2-step process and currently receive annual PPD skin tests.

Tetanus: within the past 10 years

Immunizations: Optional
Hepatitis B: vaccination or positive antibody titer (Anti-HBs)
The first injection should be completed prior to the first day of starting DIT limited-enrollment courses with clinical rotations. The second injection is due 30 days after the first injection and the third is due five months after the second injection was completed. 
If you have already had the three injection series, please send in proof. If the injection was 10 years ago or more, an antibody titer (Anti-HBs) needs to be completed. If any injections were significantly beyond the specified time frame, a titer is also recommended. 

A Medical/ Immunization packet containing forms is distributed to students at the completion of their 1st year/2nd semester in the DIT curriculum. Students are required to complete medical/ immunization requirements over summer term/3rd semester.

Please note the time restrictions on the examinations and immunizations.
If they are done too early, you will be required to repeat!