Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Management

Health information specialists organize, analyze, evaluate, code, store, retrieve, control, and present health care data. Accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (C.A.H.I.I.M.).

This is a day time program for traditional in-class students as well as available online for distance learning students.  It is designed to be completed in seven (7) consecutive quarters on a full-time basis. Many students elect to attend on a part-time basis, extending the length of study to three or four years. The curriculum includes three directed practice experiences at area health care agencies. Students are expected to provide transportation to these sites as well as any other associated expenses. A complete physical exam and specific immunizations are required at the student's expense, prior to enrolling in directed practice. Students must complete the application requirements outlined in the HIM admission packet, available from Admissions, Room 10112.

Allied Health admission packets may be obtained from the office of Admissions (Building 10, Room 10112). Students may submit the Life and Health sciences application form by downloading an application at  and return it by mail, or obtain a copy in person in Building 11, Room 346, the Academic Advisors office.

Important Information about Health Sciences Programs: The Health Sciences (HS) Programs consist of open enrollment courses (general education and division specific) and program specific courses with limited enrollment. The open enrollment courses may be taken prior to entry into the limited enrollment courses. To qualify for entry to limited enrollment courses, please see the program specific information packet located on each HS program's webpage.