Medical Assisting - Program Specific Information
Please refer to the link to the left, "Student Information Packet" for additional program specific information on our Medical Assistant Technology degree program.  In addition, please refer to the "Applicant Information Packet" which contains information for getting started in all Life & Health Science programs by clicking on the "Medical Assistant Technology" home page link to the left.
Please note, programs within the Life and Health Sciences Division may have specific class/cohort sizes limited by the availability of placement in the clinical portion of the curriculum. As a result of this limited class/cohort size, there is a waiting period between completion of program admission requirements and starting the program. This waiting period varies between programs, but should be used to prepare for the rigorous demands and scheduling of the program coursework. Suggestions include taking additional classes needed for graduation and planning for the financial and time obligations that are associated with completion of the program.

Medical Assisting currently does not have an Accelerated Admission for Academic Achievement option.

The Medical Assistant Technology program does require background checks. Please refer to the link to the left for additional information.