Mental and Physical Requirements

Minimum acceptable mental and physical qualifications of an applicant for professional medical assisting include the following abilities:

  1. Frequently work in a standing position and do frequent walking.
  2. Lift and transfer patients up to six inches (6”) from a stooped position, then push or pull the weight up to three feet (3’).
  3. Lift and transfer patients from a stooped to an upright position to accomplish exam table-to-chair and chair-to-exam table.
  4. Physically apply up to ten pounds (10#) of pressure to bleeding sites, or in performing CPR.
  5. Respond and react immediately to verbal instructions/requests and to auditory signals from monitoring equipment; perform auditory auscultation without impediment.
  6. Physically perform up to a twelve-hour shift clinical laboratory experience.
  7. Physically close and distance visual activities involving objects, persons, and paperwork, as well as discriminate depth and color perception.
  8. Discriminate between sharp/dull and hot/cold when using both hands.
  9. Perform mathematical calculations for medication preparation and administration.
  10. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using appropriate grammar, vocabulary, word usage, and interpersonal skills.

Applicants to the Medical Assistant Technology Program are responsible for determining their own eligibility in light of these qualifications, for informing the college of any potential problem areas and for identifying the Medical Assistant Technology Department any particular accommodations they may need.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the Educational Support Services - Disabilities and may utilize these services to determine appropriate accommodations.  Students with disabilities who enter the program do so with the understanding that they will be expected to meet course requirements with any REASONABLE accommodation that may be provided by the college.