Medical Assistant Technology

The complexity of a modern medical practice requires skilled individuals competent in both administrative and clerical duties.

The medical clinical duties of medical assistants include:

  • Preparing patients for examinations and treatments
  • Taking vital signs and medical histories
  • Sterilizing instruments
  • Performing diagnostic tests and basic laboratory procedures
  • Assisting the physician with examinations and minor office surgery.

The business administrative duties include:

  • Scheduling and receiving patients
  • Obtaining patient data
  • Establishing and maintaining confidential medical records
  • Handling telephone calls
  • Preparing correspondence and reports
  • Purchasing supplies and maintaining equipment
  • Assuming responsibility for the daily office business

Additional duties include:

  • Coding patient diagnoses and treatments for insurance reimbursement
  • Maintaining office accounts, fees and collections

Sufficiently qualified medical assistants may also be responsible for personnel and/or office management.

Upon graduation from Sinclair Community College, the student will achieve an Associate Degree in Medical Assistant Technology and they are then eligible to sit for the national certification exam, and once they pass it become "Certified Medical Assistants" (CMA).  Sinclair's passage rate for this national exam is 100%.

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