PED.AA - Physical Education Emphasis

This program is designed for students seeking a Physical Education career and will fulfill the freshman and somphomore educational requirements at most four-year colleges or universities. The track in Physical Education prepares the students for a career in sports pedagogy. A variety of coaching and officiating courses, along with courses dealing with sports philosophy classes are available for students who wish to focus on coaching.



PED.AA – 2004

(97-98 credit hours)


I.                     PED CORE Requirement (19-20 hrs.)


            PED 200 First Aid and Safety (2)

            PED 234 Concepts of Total Fitness (3)

            PED 236 Personal and Community Health (3)

            PED 239 Athletic Injuries (3)

            PED 199 Computer Applications in Physical Education (2) (or BIS 160 - 3)

            PED Electives (6 hrs.)


II.                   TRACKS (15-16 hrs)


Physical ED Track (15 hrs.)

PED 235 Introduction to Physical Education

PED 237 Organization and Administration of Intramurals

PED 238 Physical Education for Elementary School

Coaching – PED 245, PED 246, PED 247, or PED 248

Officiating – PED 215, PED 216, or PED 217

PED 270 – Physical Education Internship


III.            PSY/SOC Requirement (10-11 hrs.)


PSY 121 General Psychology I

PSY 122 General Psychology II

            (PSY 119 = PSY 121 & 122)

PSY 242, 297, OR 208 Education Psychology, Sports Psychology, or Life Span Human                    Development


IV.        GEN ED Requirement (51-52 hrs.)


ENG 111, 112, 113 English Composition I, II, III

COM 206, 211 Interpersonal Communications and Effective Speaking

HIS 101, 102, 103 US History or HIS 111, 112, 113 Western Civilizations

HUM Elective (9 hrs.)

MAT 101 or MAT 108            (MAT 116)

BIO 111, 112, 113 General Biology or BIO 141, 142, 143 Anatomy and Physiology

Social & Behavior Course – (Choices from Social & Behavior Sciences Course listed under the Transfer Module – pg. 33 catalog)

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