Prerequisites (11 semester credits) must be completed before a student can have their transcript reviewed for the PTA program. The student is placed into the college database once the PTA program is chosen as part of the application to Sinclair Community College.

When the prerequisites have been completed, the student is eligible to have their transcript reviewed. A student is encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to complete a plan for completion.

2.5 Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) or better
This grade point is necessary for review and must be maintained until the student begins the program.

BIO 1121 (Must be within 5 years)

ALH 1101

PHY 1106 - High School Physics is not accepted to meet this requirement.

PTA 1106 - Introduction to Physical Therapy

HIM 1101


A student with a PTA major will be required to take the TEAS as a prerequisite to being enrolled. The exam must be taken after all developmental courses and one biology prerequisite have been completed.

Students with a Bachelor’s degree or Graduate degree in any discipline or an Associate’s degree in a healthcare program from an accredited institution will not be required to take the TEAS. If the student has taken the TEAS V at another institution within the previous five years, these results may be used.

Students must meet with an Academic Advisor PRIOR TO REGISTERING FOR THE TEAS EXAM, to be deemed eligible to take the test.