LEE's Award

The LEE’s Award is named for W. Lee Shadle, Professor of Radiologic Technology, who passed away from cancer in 2000.  Lee was a very dedicated educator in the Radiologic Technology program for many years, and  highly involved in the division as well as the college.

The award represents “Learning Excellence and Entrepreneurial Spirit.”  It is open to any present or past employee of the Health Sciences Division (formerly Allied Health) who demonstrates behaviors that are student-centered and enhance or improve the student learning experience, and/or demonstrates innovation, creative problem-solving, or a courageous spirit that enhances or improves the student learning experience.

Past winners include:



2000 Catherine Huber
2001 Denise Moore
2002 Paul Van Marter
2003 Marcena Smith
2004 Beverly Van Den Einde
2005 Louis Conn
2006 Polly Roll
2007 Gloria Goldman
2008 Linda Mowrey
2009 June Johnson
2010 Cindy Beckett
2011 Jack Giambrone
2012 Christine Steineman
2013 Susan Willin-Mulay






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