American Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training) Certificate

Students who enroll in Sinclair's comprehensive Automotive Technology program have the option of choosing the American Honda PACT (Professional Automotive Career Training) Program, which leads to certification by American Honda Corporation. 

The PACT prepares students for careers as automotive service technicians within either Honda or Acura dealerships. PACT students work on Honda or Acura vehicles and components as part of factory sponsored portions of the comprehensive courses. These portions, or modules, are designed by the American Honda Corporation.

Pact students receive college credit for successful completion of the comprehensive courses. In addition, the students receive credit from the Honda Corporation for the factory sponsored modules, leading to official Honda Technician status. Achievement of this status will make the student a highly desirable candidate for employment at a Honda or an Acura dealership.

Honda training modules contain three parts:

  • Part I covers information about a certain automotive system such as power steering pump diagnosis. This section provides information about the system and how to repair specific problems.
  • Part II of the module is a self quiz and is based on the information covered in Part I.
  • Part III is hands-on training, with students performing the specific procedures learned in Parts I and II. Service Manual usage along with instructor direction will help students gain proficiency in the specific areas being studied. Students will be evaluated on the skills demonstrated while completing service procedures.

All Honda technicians are enrolled in Honda's Dealer Personnel Tracking System (DPTS) that will record and track any Honda training completed.