Chrysler CAP (College Automotive Program)

The Chrysler CAP (College Automotive Program) is a cooperative effort between Chrysler LLC and Sinclair Community College leading to an Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, CAP Option degree.

CAP students concentrate on Chrysler products in both classroom and laboratory instruction. Cooperative paid work experience is provided by a sponsoring Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealership.

The program lasts about 80 weeks with approximately 40 weeks spent at Sinclair and the remaining 40 weeks spent at the Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge sponsoring dealership. Students will attend six weeks of training at Sinclair followed by six weeks of work experience at the dealership.

This classroom/work experience rotation continues until completion of the program. Work experience at the dealership relates as closely as possible to the coursework most recently completed at Sinclair.

CAP students will:

  • Combine world-class instruction with work experience and professionalism
  • Receive the highest level of Chrysler dealership technical training
  • Earn high salaries
  • Build a prestigious career through continuing education, certification programs, on-the-job-training ,and advancement opportunities
  • Earn a college education and an opportunity to grow within the dealership/retail organization

Since considerable time is spent at the dealership it is a requirement of the program that the student have a sponsoring Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep dealer. Sinclair can help locate a sponsoring dealer. The main responsibility of the dealership is to provide employment and training for the student throughout his or her work experience periods.

All tuition, fees, hand tools, and textbook costs are the responsibility of the student. In addition, the student is required to purchase a prescribed basic hand tool set if he or she does not already own a similar set. Since the student earns while learning, some of the costs involved in the program are offset.

Note: Tuition fees and textbook costs may be split with the sponsoring dealer on a 50/50 basis.

Dealers who have participated in CAP find that their students begin earning their way in the dealership by the second quarter. Students who have completed the program can often rival the job performance of a technician who has been on the job for five to ten years.

The skill, knowledge, and professionalism required in today's automotive service field demand a highly technical training program. CAP offers an excellent opportunity for technically oriented students to gain careers in the exciting and ever-changing field of automotive technology.

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