Aviation Aircraft Dispatcher

The Aviation Technology's Aircraft Dispatcher short-term certificate program prepares students to apply for the Federal Aviation Administration's Aircraft Dispatcher license. 

Students at Sinclair Community College will gain expertise in meteorology, air traffic control procedures, instrument navigation, aircraft performance in large air carrier aircraft, 
crew resource management, airline operations, 
FAA regulations, and flight physiology. 

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The required classes for this certificate are:

  • AVT 1110: Private Pilot Ground School (3 credit hours)
  • AVT 1119: Aviation Meteorology (2 credit hours)
  • AVT 1246: Air Traffic Control Communications (1 credit hour)
  • AVT 2146: Introduction to Airline Operations (3 credit hours)
  • AVT 2157: Aircraft Performance I (2 credit hours)
  • AVT 2158: Aircraft Performance II (2 credit hours)
  • AVT 2159: Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) Aircraft Systems (1 credit hour)
  • AVT 2166: Practical Dispatch Applications (3 credit hours)
  • AVT 2167: Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Navigation & Planning (2 credit hours)
  • AVT 2168: Dispatcher Oral Preparation (1 credit hour)

Certificate credits can be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Technology degree.