Analysis of Butene Mixture

Reference: Williamson,  Macroscale and Microscale Organic experiments, 4th ed., Houghton Mifflin, pp.191-192.

GC/MS Analysis of the Product
1. Turn on the hydrogen and air. (Turn on the main valve only.)
2. Start the ChemStation software. (desktop icon US21843137)
3. Method-Load-Butene150 .
4. Method-Run
5. Give the sample name. (207-01-lastname)
6. Run method. (Follow the directions in the dialogue box.)
7. Push PREPRUN. Wait until the steady yellow light.
8. Inject 500 mL (front inlet).
9. Push START button. “Override solvent delay?” NO.
10. When the run is complete, print area percent report.
11. Open DataAnalysis.
12. File-Load Data File.
13. Print TLC, Signals and Spectrum.
14. Repeat the steps 4-13 with a new sample.
15. Turn off the hydrogen and air.
16. Close ChemStation and turn off the monitor.