Operating Instructions
Shut Down Steps
Ref.: page 16, GC/MS Quick Reference
1. Turn off the Ionization Gauge Controller

2. Open ChemStation and follow the directions: Instrument Control-View-Diagnosstics/Vaccum Control-Vaccum-Vent

3. Turn off the MS power switch.
4. Revmoe the analyzer cover.
5. Turn the vent valve knob. (See the reference)
6. Turn off the GC.

7. Turn off the Computer.

8. Turn off the Printer.


Start Up Steps
Ref.: page 17, GC/MS Quick Reference

1. Close the Vent Valve (Turn the knob clockwise all the way).

Note: The vent valve knob is inside the mass spectrometer cover.

2. Turn on the Computer, GC, and Mass Spec. (The ChemStation software will not start unless GC and Mass Spec. are on.)

3. Open the ChemStation. View-Diagnostics/Vacuum-Vacuum-Pump Down




Open ChemStation: View-Instrument Control-Manual Tune-Tune-Autotune


Do once a week.
The presence of water and air peak suggests possible leak in the system.

If fails,
Check septum, liner (clean or replace if broken), emission filament current.

View-Diagonistic-Vacuum Control-Diagonistics-Ddit MS Parameters-Filament-OK-Save-Tune Values


General Proceudre for Single Sample Injections:
1. Under MSTOP choose Method, Load and choose the appropriate method for your run. Then click OK.
2. Again under Method, choose Run.
3. Under Date file Name, type the appropriate sample name. (you should only have to change the information after the last backslash.)
4. Fill in the other information as required and click Run Method.


Editing or Creating a New Method
1. From the MSTOP choose Method, Edit Entire Method.
2. In the Edit Method dialogue box, choose the parameters to be edited and click OK.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and change appropriate slelctions.

4. When finished, a Save Method As dialogue box will appear. If editing a method just click OK. If creating a new method, type in the name of the new method and then clidk OK.


Recommended GC/MS Instructions for a Power Failure
  • Wait 15 min.
  • If the power is back on then reboot the computer. The system will recover itself.
  • If the power is still out, turn off the main switches. (Change the injection port o-rings before restart the instruments.)