Scholarships are available to IET students from a variety of sources:

The Industrial Engineering technology Tech Prep program selects sophmore high school students to take an industrial engineering based curriculum during their junior and senior year. Upon graduation, qulified students are eligible to recieve a $3,000 scholarship at Sinclair, up to $1,500 per year.

Tech Prep is a national education reform designed to provide skilled technicians for high demand fields. To find out which high schools and career centers participate in this program, talk to a E&IT Division Counselor.

The National Science Foundation CSEMS Scholarship is available to eligible students who have completed the FAFSA form (Financial Aid application). Contact an Engineering & Industrial Technologies Division Counselor for details.

Professional Societies provide scholarships for their participating members. Qualified participants in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers or the Society of Plastics Engineers are eligible for up to $1000 per year in awards. Call the Industrial Engineering Technology office for details (937-512-2282).

Women in Engineering Technologies (WIET) awards scholarships to qualified women students in Engineering & Industiral Technologies associate degree programs. For information and/or an application contact an E&IT Division Counselor.