Bethany, Sinclair Grad


Bethany Farrier found a home at Sinclair, earning her Associate of Arts in Visual Communication and meeting the contacts that would refer her to Hooven-Dayton Corporation, where she now works as a Sales & Marketing Assistant. "Even though I’ve never been one of those people who liked school," Bethany says, "I had a lot of really great teachers that enhanced my experience at Sinclair."

"I was on the Dean’s List every quarter. Since I enjoyed school, I tried harder, and it paid off. I felt fulfilled, receiving that letter," Bethany says, "especially since my grades in high school were only ever average."

Sinclair's accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design made her degree and education valuable, and pairing that with her student employment in Sinclair's eMarketing and Publications department gave her a foundation of work experience that she's building upon today. "The knowledge I gained was useful and immediately applicable to the professional world: Not just theory." she says.

She remembers her friend playing Daniel in Once on This Island, and also the day she modeled for her boss, Kathy Kiggins. "It was a really fun day, going around campus with a bunch of other students, enjoying the nice weather and taking a few photos," some of which were published in Sinclair’s Courseview Catalog, and on the pillars in the bookstore.

Bethany suggests that students should meet as many people as they can. "Sinclair has such a wide variety of people, and you never know which of them could impact your life," she says. "I've been an HDC team member for more than a year, and it's all thanks to Sinclair Community College.”