Appalachian Club

 The Appalachian Outreach and Studies department sponsors a student run Appalachian Club.  Our president, Amy Estep, a paralegal major at Sinclair Community College, spearheads the club meetings and directs the fund raisers.  In the past we have raised money for the families of the coal miners who lost their lives in the West Virginia mining accident in 2005.  At Christmas we provide entertainment and gifts for the seniors at Huffman Senior Community Center in Dayton.  We also help sponsor the Appalachian Student Festival on Sinclair's campus each year, with a bake sale to raise funds.  This festival includes entertainment, crafters in jewelry making, woodworking, quilting, weaving, basketmaking, authors, in hopes of educating students, faculty and staff on Appalachian heritage.                               


Anyone interested in joining the Appalachian Club can contact Carol Baugh at 512-2126 ).