Sinclair Community College Men’s Basketball program, nationally ranked during the last three years with one conference championship, has implemented an exciting new package to allow you to contribute to their continuing success.


·        Lay up - $45.00/person   

·        Jump Shot - $75.00/person   

·        Three Pointer - $99.00/person   

·        Slam Dunk - $135.00/person   

·        Jack Nicholson Package - $500.00/person   



Additionally, all Sixth Man Club members will have access to any practice and will receive weekly email updates. Your contribution will assist the Men’s Basketball Program with numerous community service projects, the Player Enhancement Program (PEP), and allow them to use away games as an opportunity to visit a variety of educational sites, such as the White House, not to mention personal growth and team building exercises.


 Make checks payable to Sinclair Men’s Basketball   


Sixth Man Information­                                                                   




Email Address










Home Phone


Lay Up ($45.00/Person)

 Total Packages:

Jump Shot ($75.00/Person)

 Total Packages:

Three Pointer ($99.00/Person)

 Total Packages:

Slam Dunk ($135.00/Person)

 Total Packages:

Nicholson ($500.00/Person)

 Total Packages:

 Total amount: $                                              .

Mail this slip to:Sinclair CC – Sixth Man Club

                             c/o Sinclair Foundation

                             Building 12, Room 12201

                             444 West Third Street

                              Dayton, OH 45402-1460