B.I.O.S.I.S. (Biology Self Instruction Service)
The B.I.O.S.I.S. lab provides a location where students can go to study or review material covered in the classroom. A variety of resources are made available to students for self study. This facility is staffed by student workers, most of whom serve as tutors for courses taught in the Biology Department.

Equipment and services available for student use in the B.I.O.S.I.S. lab:

  • Anatomical models and charts
  • Dissection specimens
  • Interactive computer software (Ex. A.D.A.M. Anatomy and A.D.A.M. Physiology Modules)
  • Microscopes and prepared slides
  • Networked multimedia computers with internet connections
  • Student tutors
  • Textbook reference library
  • Tables for group study and tutorial work
  • Videotape library and videotape players