Faculty Peer Review
Sinclair Community College
Effective October 5, 2009
The purpose of the peer review process is to foster cooperation leading to excellence of the faculty at Sinclair Community College. Through collaboration and mutual respect, peer reviewers provide instructional, collegial and professional support to improve their teaching. This process benefits both the faculty being reviewed and the reviewer. These benefits offer the faculty the opportunity for growth and success in the college and community. 
The peer review is for personal use only, and will not be shared with anyone in the college. The review is NOT to be used for decisions concerning promotion, tenure, merit or faculty performance review.
1.      To provide useful and effective feedback to faculty to enhance and improve teaching.
2.      To increase meaningful collaboration, collegiality, and mutual respect among faculty.
Who is Reviewed?
·        Any interested faculty (full-time or adjunct faculty)
·        All new adjunct faculty members at the College
Who are the Peer Reviewers?
·        Faculty members who are enthusiastic, flexible, and committed to the teaching profession.
·        Faculty members who complete the Peer Review training.
Peer Review Process
The peer review process includes a scheduled one-hour classroom observation. The observed course can be reviewed by a peer reviewer within or outside of your discipline. The process includes both a pre- and post-observation meeting. These meetings can be face-to-face or by other communication methods. The pre-observation meeting includes a discussion about the scheduled lesson plan, objective(s), students, particular teaching style or strategies; and, any additional areas of concerns or focus. The post-observation meeting is where the results of the peer review are evaluated with the faculty; and, is completed within a week of the observation.
Faculty Associate for Peer Review, Amanda Romero,
Administrative Assistant, Linda Schock,

Center for Teaching and Learning, Room 14-301, Phone 937-512-3115