Minority Peer Mentor Program

The purpose of the Minority Peer Mentor Program:

  • To personalize the new students' experience through peer mentoring services so that academic, personal, and social encounters at Sinclair are positive.
  • To promote access by familiarizing the freshmen students with academic support services, office locations, the library, and other Sinclair facilities.
  • To enhance opportunities for persistence and success at Sinclair.

The minority peer mentors participate in training sessions prior to being assigned new students, and they are certified through Tutorial Support. This year, 25 students served as peer mentors for over 70 new minority students.

The Peer Mentors plan weekly activities to assist the academic services of minority students. For example, workshops on Study Strategies and Techniques and Effective Use of Time and Resources are offered. The monitoring of student success and appropriate intrusive strategies are important elements of this program.

For more information contact, Omar Powell