Summit Courts/Edison Young Men of Distinction Program

The program takes a holistic approach to addressing the concerns faced by the Black male. Special attention is given to the mind, body, and soul. Even though the Committee realizes that it is important for the Black male to understand and achieve in a multicultural and diverse society, it is important that activities they engage in have an Afro-centric base. This ensures that Black males have a positive self-image and a sense of ethnic pride.

The group engages in activities that address the issues of male responsibility, family relations, male/female relationships, hygiene, drugs, sex, nutrition, education, and careers. The first student enrolled in Fall, 1999 and it is projected that there will be 18 students enrolled for Fall, 2000.

The objectives listed below are met by providing opportunities to:

  • Discuss and evaluate the consequences of behavior.
  • Assist in helping the males to understand the need for self-respect and respect of others.
  • Assist in helping the males to understand their role in the family and acceptable relationships with the opposite gender.
  • Discuss hygiene issues to help the males understand the necessity of caring for their bodies in an appropriate manner.
  • Provide seminars (enlisting the support of role models when appropriate) to discuss drugs, sex, and nutrition to ensure that Black males make informed decisions based on accurate information.
  • Create opportunities for increased participation in school/classroom activities.
  • Introduce the males to people, places, and things that will impact positively on their behavior.
  • Expose Black males to education and career options.
  • Provide opportunities to help the Black male understand why it is important to stay in harmony with his spiritual self and nature.

For more information, contact Mortenous Johnson