Internationalizing the Curriculum

Sinclair's Commemoration 1492-1992 Encounters and Exchanges. The International Education Committee was active in developing and hosting various programs of the more than 100 that were presented. Programs included film festivals, lectures/discussions, symposiums, music performances, book reviews, etc.

Preety Sengupta Lectures at Sinclair. The first Indian woman to trek to the North Pole spoke to Sociology classes on cultural differences she has encountered on her world travels.

A Taste of Russia. A November cultural program discussed the cultural changes going on in Russia and included samples of Russian foods.

A Stages Show. A program reporting the experiences of six faculty (Lael Bradshaw, Jean Cook Linda Denney, Betty Dykes, Garnett McDonough, and Sue Zulauf) who traveled to Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Romania this past summer under the Short-Term Travel Abroad Grant for Educators (STAGES). Each faculty member will develop an international module to include in their courses and these modules will soon be available on a national basis. Sinclair was the only college or university funded under this Department of Education grant.

Funding Opportunities for International Education. A program for faculty to learn more about the opportunities to obtain funding support for international activities.

Somalia--A Teach-In. A program for faculty, staff, and students on the extent and severity of the situation in Somalia.

Faculty Exchange. Catherine Court (Wirral College in England) exchanged with John Pfetzing in the 1995-96 academic year. She taught a full load of sociology courses for the entire year while John taught mathematics at her institution.

UDLP in Madras. This five-year USAID program will enable Sinclair and other community college faculty to travel to Madras, India, to develop curriculum and share other expertise to help the local and urban poor with short-term vocational education programs.

Dayton Council on World Affairs International Forum. A monthly program co-sponsored by Sinclair where current international topics are discussed. This program is held in Building 12 and is video taped and shown on Viacom Cable.

Russia/American Nursing Exchange (RANE). A program developed and managed by the Sinclair Nursing Department. A group of Russian nursing educators was hosted at Sinclair during spring quarter. A group of Sinclair and area nurses visited Russia in December and presented a series of workshops.

India: New Initiatives for Trade. A program for area businessmen to inform them of the new trade opportunities with India. India's ambassador to the U.S., Abid Hussain, attended as did representatives from the State Bank of India, the World Bank, and the New York Counsel General of India.

Under a USIA funded College and University Affiliations Grant, Sinclair hosted three Indian faculty from Stella Maris College in Madras. They spent spring term 1996 working with our Developmental faculty learning about our literacy initiatives and programs.

Under a USAID funded grant, 20 community college faculty from eight different community colleges (including Sinclair) have traveled to India to develop short term curricula for the Center for Vocational Education in Madras, India. This program is to help the undereducated gain job skills in India.

As a member of the Midwest Institute, faculty will be provided an opportunity to attend workshops dedicated to developing modules to help internationalize their courses.

The Limited English Proficiency Program coordinator worked with Developmental Studies to purchase and pilot English as a Second Language videotapes (Crossroads Cafe) in ESL courses and in the ABLE Literacy Program sponsored in cooperation with Project READ. Collaborations with Developmental Reading has resulted in more access to the Reading Lab and adopted curriculum for limited English students. Sociology 297 (One Nation, Many Cultures) was offered in 1997.

Related initiatives currently under development:

Sinclair is working with Dundee College (Scotland) to develop an international curriculum in Childhood Development.

Other international activities:

Germany: A New Fascism. A program for faculty, staff, and students offered March 4 examined the recent rise of fascism and its implications in Germany today.

Naturalization Ceremony. The college hosts one per year where from 50 to 100 people become U.S. citizens.

Indian Polytechnic Project. A Sinclair led initiative with CCID to enable community college faculty to travel to four western states in India to assist the educational delivery systems of polytechnic institutions and for CCID colleges to host visiting Indian faculty. The Indian Ministry of Education has endorsed this project, but it remains on hold pending funding from the Government.