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HVA 1201 Basic HVAC Systems with Cooling

3.0 Credit Hours

Basic concepts and theory of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Foundations in the applications of cooling principles in light commercial equipment. Major components include refrigerant flow through equipment, applications of equipment to the refrigeration cycle, heat transfer fundamentals and preparation for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) refrigerant handler's certification exam. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

Fall Term 2012 Schedule
Booklist for HVA 1201
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  446 0188286 3.0 12:00 PM 3:40 PM M 5 021D Marcks OPEN
  448 0185400 3.0 12:00 PM 3:40 PM T 5 021D Marcks OPEN
  453 0185401 3.0 6:00 PM 9:40 PM T 5 021D Brewster OPEN
  456 0185402 3.0 6:00 PM 9:40 PM W 5 021D Brewster OPEN
  457 0188132 3.0 12:00 PM 3:40 PM TH 5 021D Marcks OPEN
  459 0185403 3.0 8:00 AM 11:40 AM F 5 021D Marcks OPEN
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