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AVT 2269 Flight Instructor Flight Lab

1.0 Credit Hour

Prepares students with the aeronautical knowledge, skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructor Pilot Certificate with an Airplane Category and Single Engine Land Class Rating. Topics include the fundamentals of instruction as it pertains to the training aircraft, flight maneuvers, maximum performance takeoff and landing procedures, attitude control by instrument reference, solo flight, night flying, cross-country operations and navigation procedures. Two lab hours per week.
Prerequisite:   AVT 2258
Prerequisite:  AND Approval of Department

Fall Term 2014 Schedule
Booklist for AVT 2269
(* indicates prerequisite) (updated hourly)
  101 0213665 1.0 ASI Satchell CLOSED
    Department Permission Required, Independent Study Student
  103 0213949 1.0 ASI Hanshew CLOSED
    Department Permission Required, Independent Study Student
  105 0214102 1.0 ASI Riffee CLOSED
    Independent Study Student, Department Chair Permission Rqrd
  107 0214683 1.0 ASI Hanshew CLOSED
    Department Chair Permission Rqrd
  B01 0214869 1.0 ASI Hanshew CLOSED
    B Term
    Department Chair Permission Rqrd
    BDATE: 10/20/2014, WR: 10/24/2014, WW: 12/02/2014, EDATE: 12/14/2014
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