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MAT 1110 Math for Technologists

3.0 Credit Hours

Compute with fractions, decimals, percentages and proportions to solve applications in technology; geometry; convert within and between metric and English systems of measurement; read and interpret measurement tools and gauges; simplify algebraic expressions, solve linear equations and graph linear equations.
Prerequisite:   DEV 0025 OR DEV 0075
Prerequisite:  AND with a grade of C or better or satisfactory score on math placement test

Fall Term 2014 Schedule
Booklist for MAT 1110
(* indicates prerequisite) (updated hourly)
  811 0214214 3.0 WWW CNCL
    Accelerate IT - call 937-512-3756 to enroll
    Independent Study Student, Taaccct Grant
    BDATE: 10/27/2014, WR: 10/30/2014, WW: 12/04/2014, EDATE: 12/14/2014
  900 0213939 3.0 3:30 PM 4:45 PM TTH MVRP Whitehead OPEN
    MyMathLab Required
  A05 0211636 3.0 1:00 PM 3:40 PM MW CNCL
    A Term MyMathLab Required
    Department Chair Permission Rqrd
    BDATE: 08/18/2014, WR: 08/22/2014, WW: 09/29/2014, EDATE: 10/10/2014
  B15 0211637 3.0 9:00 AM 11:40 AM TTH 9 303 Acuna OPEN
    B Term MyMathLab Required
    BDATE: 10/20/2014, WR: 10/24/2014, WW: 12/02/2014, EDATE: 12/14/2014
*Term designations represent when courses are typically offered. They are included for planning purposes only and subject to change. Refer to the current schedule for actual course offerings.