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Summer Semester: Not Offered

MHT 2111 Group Dynamics I

3.0 Credit Hours

Introduction to interpersonal dynamics in therapeutic groups. Awareness of group leadership skills and personal issues affecting participation. Laboratory group promotes personal learning while providing experiential awareness of stages of group development. History of the group work method. Factors in group composition. Professional ethics. Practice in group facilitation. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.
Prerequisite:   MHT 1201
Prerequisite:  AND Restricted to Majors

Fall Term 2014 Schedule
Booklist for MHT 2111
(* indicates prerequisite) (updated hourly)
  100 0213264 3.0 10:00 AM 11:50 AM M 9 214 Helton CLOSED
    Must take MHT-2112-100
    Restricted to MHT Majors
  200 0213265 3.0 2:00 PM 3:50 PM M 9 214 Gould OPEN
    Must take MHT-2112-200
    Restricted to MHT Majors
  300 0214043 3.0 10:00 AM 11:50 AM T 9 214 Helton OPEN
  M00 0209928 3.0 12:00 PM 1:50 PM M CVB CNCL
    Must take MHT-2111-M00
    Restricted to MHT Majors
  N01 0213288 3.0 5:30 PM 7:20 PM M 9 214 Gould CLOSED
    Must take MHT-2112-N01
    Restricted to MHT Majors
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