Digital Systems (DS.S.STC)

13.0 Credit Hours

This short-term certificate offers knowledge and basic skills to work in the electronics industry as an entry-level support technician for digital systems. Courses provide knowledge about basic electrical measurement techniques, prototype assembly of electrical circuits, digital logic, Boolean algebra and basic digital systems. Theoretical aspects are supported and supplemented by hands-on lab work to gain in-depth knowledge and lab skills. The courses in this certificate lead into an associate degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at Sinclair.

Students entering this program need the following background to be successful: (1) Completion of high school algebra; (2) basic computer literacy; (3) Sinclair placement test results DEV 0010, Fundamentals of Reading and MAT 1270, Beginning Algebra; and (4) at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average (ongoing students taking the online courses).

Program Outcomes

  • Use basic logic gates and other digital ICs for assembly, testing and design of basic combinational and sequential digital circuits.
  • Measure, voltage, and current. Breadboard basic electronic circuits. Use an oscilloscope for measurement of voltage and frequency.
  • Apply programming techniques to perform requested output.
  • Design, test and simulate digital circuits using simulation software.


EET 1150: DC Circuits View Master Syllabus View Current Schedule 4 credit hours
EET 1131: Digital Electronics View Master Syllabus View Current Schedule 5 credit hours
EET 2261: Microprocessors View Master Syllabus View Current Schedule 4 credit hours
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