Nurse Aide Training (NAST.S.STC)

4.0 Credit Hours

Provides education to individuals in the basic skills necessary to provide personal care services and activities under the delegation and supervision of a registered or licensed practical nurse to residents in a long-term care facility.

Chapter 3701-19 of the OAC for the State of Ohio establishes the requirements for Ohio’s Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation program. These requirements mandate all NAs working on a regular basis in Ohio’s LTCFs must complete an Ohio Department of Health-approved 75-hour TCEP and pass a competency evaluation test conducted by the director.

Prerequisites: DEV 0012 and DEV 0020 and DEV 0022 and DEV 0030

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the residents’ physical, emotional, social and mental health needs through trained, directed interactions.
  • Exhibit behavior in support and promotion of residents’ rights.
  • Assist residents in attaining and maintaining functional independence.
  • Demonstrate observation and documentation skills needed in support of the assessment of the long-term care residents’ health, physical condition and well-being.
  • Form relationships, communicate and interact competently on a one-to-one basis with LTCF residents as part of the team implementing resident care objectives.


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