Sinclair Providing Additional Resources for Displaced Workers

DAYTON, Ohio (12/07/09) – Sinclair Community College is providing additional resources to displaced workers thanks to a grant from the Walmart Foundation. As a part of the Walmart Brighter Futures Project, Sinclair is assisting displaced workers of the Greater Dayton Region in their transition from displacement to secure and viable employment.

Sinclair was awarded the grant in August 2009. Since that time, college officials have developed a plan to assist individuals that are unemployed or underemployed due to a reduction in force, job relocation, or workplace closure that includes:

  • Dedicated counselors to assist students with the transition to college
  • Support for the completion of TAA and WIA funding requirements
  • Coaching on career decision-making
  • Workshops centered on academic and job skills
  • Online community group offering access to resources 24/7
  • Peer support group with other displaced workers

Scholarship money ranging from $1,000 to $1,200 is also available for qualified applicants through the Sinclair Community College Displaced Worker Industrial Scholarship and the Walmart Brighter Futures Project Scholarship.

"The Sinclair Displaced Worker Scholarship was a huge help in paying for the cost of my education," said Kelli Martin, a Sinclair student, who was laid off in August of 2008.

For more information, contact one of the Displaced Worker Counselors at 937/512-4646 or visit

Natasha Baker, APR
Director of Public Relations
P 937/512-2221
M 937/231-4957