Sinclair and Dayton Public Schools Receive $1.2 Million Grant to Assist Local Youth

Grant Funding will Impact Inner City Students to Improve College Preparation

DAYTON, OH– Sinclair College and Dayton Public Schools have received an Education Talent Search (ETS) Program grant from the Department of Education to assist local students with academic progress. This five-year plan is directed toward 500 local low-income, first-generation inner city students from grades 8-12, helping with preparation for successful transitions from middle school to high school and high school to postsecondary education. The program will begin late this year and will continue to support students for five years.

"Sinclair has always cared deeply about the success of the local Dayton school systems and their students," Sinclair President Steve Johnson said. "Strengthening the academic careers of the l ocal public school students can only positively impact themselves and our community. We are pleased to partner with the Dayton Public Schools and are looking forward to helping these students further their academic careers."

The specific schools impacted by the grant are: Cleveland Elementary, Horace Mann Elementary, Ruskin elementary, Eastmont Park School, Kemp Elementary, and Belmont High School. Belmont High School will be specifically targeted for students to successfully maintain a postsecondary academic career.

This grant will specifically assist students through: financial planning and economic literacy, workshops on high school course selection, high school transition preparation, PSAT and ACT preparation, Spanish immersion programs, and many other areas.

"This program offers a real chance to help students and to help build a pipeline into local colleges and, eventually, to build a workforce of local employees for local businesses," President Joh nson said. "This grant funding will prove to be a real asset to these students, area schools, and the entire Dayton community."

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