Sinclair HVAC Tech Recieves Honor

Adam WillifordAdam Williford was recently recognized by the Siemens Corp. for outstanding accomplishment in completing the company's master programmer curriculum.

Adam started at Sinclair in the HVAC Department as a student in 1999 and worked several years at the college before graduating and leaving to work for a contractor in the Dayton area. In 2006, Bill Fisher retired as the HVAC Electrician, and Adam was hired to replace him in an expanded position, as the HVAC Systems Technician.

Adam helps maintain the HVAC network, system hardware components, programming of the Siemens temperature control system and room calls that our regular technicians need help with. He makes changes and modifications to the Building Automation System for maximum efficiency in operations and energy savings.

All of the regular HVAC Technician II employees attend classes in Cincinnati for the Siemens system. When an employee has attended all the regular training classes, they receive the “Master Programmer Curriculum” award. So far, Adam is only the second person in HVAC to receive this award.

Adam has completed the following classes at the Siemens Training Center in Cincinnati;

Workstation Operator
Advanced Workstation Operator
Field Panel and FLN Operations
Introduction to PPCL Programming
Programming for Efficient Buildings

Adam received his recognition on Wednesday, January 12, from Ms. Cheri Lotz of Siemens Corporation.