Everyday Exercises Header

Think the only way to exercise is by hitting the gym? Think again!

Here are some ways you might exercise on a daily basis without even knowing it:

  1. Shop Til You Drop. If you push your cart around the grocery aisles, you can burn 243 calories in an hour. (Plus you'll get to explore all the healthy options out there!)

  2. Clean as a Whistle! By dusting the surfaces in your home for 30 minutes, you can burn 80 calories, and your house will sparkle.

  3. Spin Cycle. 30 minutes of folding clothes can burn 72 calories.

  4. White Out. Shoveling snow for 30 minutes burns a whopping 202.5 calories! Almost makes the winter worth it, right?

  5. Zzzzz... Eight hours of sleep can burn 360 calories. Who knew you could do so much while doing so little?

  6. Cut it Out. Mowing your lawn with a pushmower can help you burn over 350 calories per hour. Think about that before the next time you hire a 12-year-old to do the job.

  7. Rock On. Playing your guitar burns about 200 calories. I wonder if the same applies to air guitar...guitar

  8. Pick up the Pace! If you run at 5mph for 60 minutes you'll burn over 550 calories.

  9. Now Let's Slow it Down. Walking at an average page of 3mph for 60 minutes will help you burn almost 250 calories. Fido will thank you!

  10. Show a Little Love. Smooching your sweetheart burns 36 calories in 30 minutes. That definitely beats going to the gym!