A Journey to Success

Jessie, Sinclair Student

From the block party in Building 8 to tending a register at the Tartan Marketplace, China Limehouse said, "Sinclair has impacted my life personally, because I met people that I can’t live without now." Knowing that she would be entering a career to help people but wishing to avoid class waitlists, China is now a Mattie Edwards Kimbro scholar, attending classes in the Respiratory Care and Medical Assistant Technology programs.

"I’m most proud of being able to succeed in classes that I didn’t think I would be able to pass. For example, physics and chemistry were not my best friends." China said, "I was so determined to pass that I did the work to do so." In her moments of doubt she looks to Dreams by Langston Hughes and says, "Remember that the people that believed in you, or helped you just a little in life, are the ones that will remain there for you."

The Mattie Edwards Kimbro Scholarship has helped China bridge the gap between the amounts of federal aid she receives and the total cost of her tuition and books. "When I complete all of my classes and receive my degree, I will look back at my experience here and realize that I had a journey," China said.