Financial Aid for Textbooks


After tuition and fees are paid, students may use remaining federal financial aid or scholarships to purchase books in the Sinclair Bookstore. Students must show their Tartan Card for identification and sign a bookstore authorization form each time books are purchased, which permits financial aid to pay for bookstore purchases.

  • Financial aid is available for bookstore purchases during the published Financial Aid Dates. After tuition and fees are paid, up to $1,000 of financial aid may be used to purchase books and required supplies in Sinclair bookstore. Note: Federal or refundable scholarship aid used for bookstore purchases will reduce your refund check.

  • You may also add your own funds to your Tartan Card at any time using WebAdvisor.


Required textbooks are located with each course listing on the Sinclair Registraion Portal. Students are not required to login to search for courses on the portal, but must login to register for courses. Course booklists include required and optional costs for new and used books, author, ISBN, title, and edition of the books available at the Sinclair Bookstore.