Textbook Information

Sinclair Library does not buy textbooks as a general rule, but we do have some on reserve.


If you want to know if Sinclair Library has the text used by your course, search the Sinclair Library Catalog for it by title or use the dropdown menu to find Reserve items by Instructor’s Name or by Course Number


An item that is on reserve means that you may use the book in the library but may not check it out to take home (except in some special cases where the loan is longer than 3 hours).


If the textbook you need is not on reserve, you might ask your faculty member or the department chair to bring a copy to the library to put on reserve.


Borrowing textbooks through OhioLINK:


If you want to see if any school in OhioLINK has the book you must know the author, title and edition of the book you need.  You can get this information from your syllabus or from the bookstore.

  • Click Library Catalogs on the left of the library homepage.
  • Click on OhioLINK catalog.
  • Search the catalog. Check all three pieces of information (author, title, edition)
  • If the book you need is owned then check further to see if the status says that the book is “available”. If it is available, then click on “Request this item” .

It will usually be available for you to pick up at the Circulation Desk in about 3-4 days. 


CAUTION!  Because textbooks are such high-use items, the textbook may be missing – in that event your request will be cancelled without notice.  You can keep track of your OhioLINK request by checking your library account – see the library homepage and click on My Account.


ANOTHER CAUTION!!  Please note that OhioLINK books are checked out for 3 weeks and can be renewed 4 times if no one else has requested the book in the meantime.  If a renewal fails, it probably means that someone else has requested the book. 


FURTHER CAUTION!!!  The fine for overdue OhioLINK books is $.50/day up to 30 days; but the overdue charge jumps to $50.00 on the 31st day!   The charge for a lost OhioLINK book is a minimum of $125.00. 


Last Updated 5/13