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How do I get my name in the PTA database?
Complete an application to SCC and indicate PTA program as your choice of study. If you are already attending SCC, meet with an academic advisor to indicate PTA as your program of study.
How often should I contact the PTA program office?
The academic counselors or the PTA faculty are always available to meet with students to assure they have accurate information. If you have made any changes in name, address or telephone number, please notify Registration & Student Records.
When will I be enrolled into the PTA program?
Once you have successfully completed the prerequisites for the program, you are eligible to have your transcript reviewed. The transcript review process begins in January and will determine which students will enroll in the following Fall term. The transcript review is based on GPA and points awarded for grades or successful completion of general education requirements. The highest scoring 50 students (28 enrolled at the Dayton campus and 22 enrolled at the Courseview Campus) will be offered enrollment into PTA courses.
Do I need to provide documentation of observation hours?
Observation hours with a PT are no longer required as a prerequisite for enrollment. There will be required observation assignments as part of coursework across the curriculum.
Are there other resources to help me decide if the Physical Therapy profession is right for me?
The PTA 1106 class is offered Fall and Spring Semester and is open to students trying to learn about the profession. We encourage all students to take this course and it is required as a prerequisite. You can also log on to for additional information about the profession.
Is there a waiting list?
We enroll a class of 28 students to the Dayton campus and 22 students to the Courseview campus each Fall term. Students are enrolled after a competitive selection process based on a review of student transcripts. There is no longer a waiting list.
If I plan to become a Physical Therapist, is starting with an Associates Degree the place to begin?
The answer to this question depends on individual goals and academic ability. Please research the profession at and make an appointment to discuss your career choices with a faculty member in the program. The PT degree is currently a three year post graduate degree, once a Bachelor's degree is completed, leading to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). You can click on the question above to be taken to the website.