Welcome from the Coordinator

Dear Friends,

The best Age is the one you are.
—Maggie Kuhn, social worker

What a great statement that is, whether you are 20-something…or 90-something…or if you’ve even passed the “Centennarian” mark!

If we embrace our current situation, no matter what it is, there are endless opportunities for enjoyment, connection with others, and learning.

So…even though we are still in summer (since many of you are seeing this book for the first time in July), we are looking forward to having you back with us at Sinclair’s College for Lifelong Learning in the Fall Semester.

There are three ways in which you can participate in our lifelong learning program:

  1. Enroll in one of the nearly 100 Seminars & Workshops, which are open to adults of any age.
  2. Audit academic classes tuition free on a space-available basis once you are age 60 or better at any of Sinclair’s locations - the downtown campus, the regional centers, or at 25+ off-campus sites throughout the community.
  3. Take classes for credit, just as any other student.

This fall, we have some new sessions on writing, using technology, history, and more. You’ll also be interested to know about Vinie Walker, who at age 86 earned her associate degree…about one of our College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board members who has achieved a milestone in his life…and about someone who has left a wonderful legacy for our Art students.

Mark your calendars—Fall term registration begins on Monday, August 12. And you can register for any of the Seminars & Workshops as soon as you receive this book. As always, if you have suggestions on how we can improve our program…or suggestions for classes we should add to the curriculum…please let me or any of our College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board members know.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and see you soon. Thank you for continuing to be one of our students!

Best wishes,
Anne Holaday
Coordinator, College for Lifelong Learning
(937) 512-5184