Faculty FAQs

COURSE: I'm a part-time instructor but my class doesn't show up in my portal account. What should I do?
In most cases the course section does not have an "official" instructor identified in Colleague. To correct this problem, have the department chair add you to Colleague as the instructor of this course.

COURSE: Is it possible to create a course using the Angel Course Management Tool?
At this point all course sections get a portal site created automatically through Colleage on the first day of registration for each quarter. That is, Winter quarter course shells will become available to faculty on the first day of Winter registration. Students get access to course shells on the first day of the quarter.

COURSE COPY: Is it possible to make a personal copy (backup) of my portal course and download it to my PC?

COURSE COPY: Is it possible to copy a course from one quarter to the next?
Yes, you can copy courses from one quarter to the next with the "Course Copy function". The only limitation is that you must wait until the new quarter's courses are created before you can copy the old quarter to them. Instructions for using the Course Copy function are available under the Tips & Tricks section of this site.

COURSE COPY: Can I copy a course that occurs annually?
Yes it is possible to copy a course that occurs annually, by using the Course Copy feature inside the "Manage" area of Angel.

EMAIL: How long are part-time faculty email accounts active?
Staff and faculty (part-time and full-time) email accounts remain active until a termination notice is received in HR or if they have not received a paycheck in 6 months.

EMAIL: Can faculty send email to all students registered in their courses at one time, instead of sending email to each class?
Currently there is no portal functionality that allows for this scenario. Emails must be sent to the students of each class or organization from that class or organization.

PORTAL ACCESS: Do part-time instructors have portal access?
Yes, all part-time faculty that have received a paycheck in the last 6 months have a portal account.

ROSTER: Is there a way for faculty to determine whether a student is auditing the class?
Yes. Students that are auditing a class will have an "A" in the audit column. This column will be blank for students taking the course for credit.

WEB SPACE: Do faculty have access to web space to create a webpage separate from their my.sinclair Course?
Yes, faculty can have access to web space for this purpose on the "People" server. Contact Russ Litte in the Web Systems Group to request an FTP account.

How do I copy one course's material to another in Angel
  1. Log into the course you wish to copy from
  2. Click "Manage" then "Import Wizard"
  3. Next select "Copy Course"
  4. The dropdown box should contain a list of all courses to which you have access, select the course you wish to copy to and click "Import"
  5. Making a course copy should only copy course content and materials, not student data.