Sinclair Response to Haiti Disaster

On January 12, a series of earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 6.5 to 7.3 devastated the Caribbean state of Haiti. We at Sinclair stand with the world in mourning the victims of this terrible disaster and look for ways to help this stricken nation.

In 1887, David A. Sinclair founded the college with a strong philosophy in mind for its future: find the need and endeavor to meet it. And, today, Sinclair President Steven Johnson reminds us that "right now, the people of Haiti have a great need and we have a great opportunity to help meet that need in any way we can."

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere—plagued by environmental devastation, poverty and political corruption—Haiti requires both immediate and long-term assistance. The U.S. government has already committed $100 million to the relief efforts. Since the government is advising Americans to avoid travel to Haiti, the best way to help the country recover is to make a donation.

In an effort to provide an immediate response, Sinclair has created a Haiti Disaster Response team. This team is developing a full plan for disaster relief efforts led by the Sinclair family. The group has already organized a fundraising campaign. Working with the Dayton Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, any donations received are designated to go directly towards relief efforts. Beyond monetary donations, Sinclair will also work to organize the appropriate drives to handle donations of food and clothing.

In the near future, Sinclair also hopes to organize aid trips for interested students, faculty and staff to provide hands-on help in Haiti. In addition, the college plans to provide books, furniture and equipment to help K12 and higher education institutions in their rebuilding efforts.

Currently, you can make a donation to the Haiti disaster relief through the college. For more information about how to donate and for continued details about Sinclair’s involvement and response, please visit our Disaster Relief Web site at

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