Sinclair Board Approves Tuition Raise

DAYTON, Ohio (05/11/10) – At its meeting today, the Sinclair Board of Trustees approved a 3.5 percent tuition increase to go into effect in the coming fall term. In the past 20 years this is only the ninth time tuition has been raised at Sinclair. The Montgomery County tuition rate remains the lowest of any public college or university in Ohio.

In recent years, the Ohio legislature has limited tuition and general fee increases for Ohio public colleges and universities. In the state’s most recent biennial budget bill, the legislature allowed all Ohio public colleges and universities to raise tuition up to 3.5 percent this current year and in the fiscal year that begins this July 1. In September o f 2009, the Sinclair Board of Trustees approved a tuition increase that became effective Winter Quarter 2010. This raise was effectively a 2 percent increase on an annual basis.

The increase in tuition will help ensure that Sinclair continues with the resources needed to provide excellent teachers, supportive student services, the latest technology and high-quality learning environments. "Tuition is part of the quality equation as we need enough resources to meet student needs," said Larry Porter, chair of the Board of Trustees.

The demand for Sinclair’s programs and services has never been greater with a 28 percent increase in enrollment over the past two years. Meanwhile, Sinclair has demonstrated fiscal restraint by holding the line on spending and achieving significant operating efficiencies. As a result, operating budget expenses per-student have declined by 15 percent during the pas t two years.

Beginning this fall term, Sinclair will be implementing a tuition increase resulting in modest per-credit hour increases for students as follows:

Montgomery County Residents
Other Ohio Residents
Out-of-State & Int’l Residents
Current Per-Credit Hour Rate
Per-Credit Hour Increase
$  1.65
$  2.65
$    5.65
Total New Per-Credit Hour Rate

Annualized tuition for Montgomery County residents, which represents 63 percent of student enrollments, would increase from $2,095 to $2,169, or $74 annually. Even at this level, Sinclair’s fees will remain lowest in the state and significantly lower than other two-year schools, including the other major-levy-supported community colleges. 

Annually, Sinclair and the Sinclair Foundation provide more than$2,055,000 in financial aid to students. Nearly half of all Sinclir students receive some sort of financial aid. 

"The increase will generate approximately $1.4 million for the next year’s budget," said Sinclair President Steven Lee Johnson."This is a much needed boost to accommodate for expected decreases in other funding."

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