Teachers of the Year Selected

Every year the Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges asks each member college to submit nominees for a full-time and adjunct teacher of the year recognition. This year, the Sinclair Faculty Senate has nominated Laurel Mayer and Carol Baugh. 

Laurel came to Sinclair after a 30-year distinguished military career as an intellegence officer. Laurel also had teaching experience with the University of Maryland, Urbana University and Park University. In the senate nomination, they recognize Laurel for being an 'innovative teacher, faculty leader and superb academician.' 

Dr. Carol Baugh is most well-known on campus for her work in establishing the Appalachian Studies area of emphasis. While other colleges around Ohio offer courses about Appalachia, this was the first Appalachian Studies program available in Ohio. Her work with Think College, a program developed to increase the college attendance among Appalachian youth, has earned her national recognition. Dr. Baugh works with Appalachian organizations in the Miami Valley, State of Ohio, and around the nation. 

The OATYC will select from all of the nominations for statewide honorees in the following months.