Sinclair Online

Why Choose Sinclair Online?
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Sinclair Online works to ensure that taking online classes is an enjoyable, educational, and equivalent alternative to the traditional classroom learning environment.

The Benefits

Scheduling Classes Around Your Busy Life: It’s Your Decision.
Sinclair Online understands that it’s your education (and there’s no reason to take night classes if you’re a morning person)! Online courses let you decide when you “attend” class—24 hours a day from wherever you can access the Internet. Fitting college into your busy life has never been easier.

No Need for Campus Maps or Gas Money
Our online offerings let you complete a course or even a complete degree program online without requiring you to come to one of our college locations. This means you don’t have to wander around campus trying to find 5011 (or even understand what those numbers mean). Even better, you can keep that gas money in your pocket—along with the money you’ll be saving on tuition.

Small Price Tag for a Big Investment
Sinclair Community College is proud to offer quality education at an affordable price. And it’s not different for SinclairOnline courses, certificates, and degree programs. Our courses are only $7.50 more than traditional Sinclair courses. Plus, all Sinclair Online courses can be paid for using financial aid. College is meant to help your wallet later; there’s no reason to empty it now. Sinclair Online helps you get a college education without breaking the bank.

Not All College Degrees are Created Equal
We understand that there are a lot of options when choosing a college to attend. Sinclair Community College is fully accredited by The Higher Education Learning Commission of the North Central Association. This means that the credit you receive through SinclairOnline is easily transferable to other colleges and universities throughout Ohio and beyond. It’s important to us that your college education counts for something at places other than Sinclair.

Our Value is in Your Success
We’re a real college working to provide value for our students, not shareholders. At Sinclair, it’s not the number of students that apply for admission or sign up for classes that matters. Supported by the community, our value stems from providing students with a quality education and college experience they can take with them and apply beyond the classroom.

We’re A College Working for You
As a Sinclair Online student, you have access to everything that Sinclair has to offer. Just because you’re an online student doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Even if you can’t attend "office hours," our instructors are here to help you. Academic and technical support is always only a phone call or e-mail away. Plus, if you’re in the area, you can always stop by any of the Sinclair locations and take advantage of all the resources and services we provide.