Sinclair Disney Club

There is no better way for a Sinclair student to celebrate fall or spring semesters than to become a Cast Member of Mickey's team, and work in Florida at Walt Disney World or in California at Disneyland. The Disney College Program offers Sinclair students an opportunity to participate in a one-of -a-kind combination of education and work experience. To work for a Fortune 100 Company provides a great resume builder for Sinclair students who participate in the program.

You may learn more about applying for the Disney college program as well as times and dates of the Disney presentations by visiting:

For more information about the Disney College Program and to learn how it works at Sinclair please contact:

Rex Mt. Castle
(937) 512-2123 Bldg 13, Room 13-023


  • IMAGINE....working for a world renowned Fortune 100 company
  • ENJOY.......unlimited free admission to Disney Theme Parks
  • GET work in the # 1 tourist destination in the world
  • PACK.........your bags to work in Florida or California