Sept. 25, 2002

Officers attending: Pam Chambers, President; Cindy Beckett, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Jim Brooks, Susan Callender, Frank Clay, Roxann DeLaet, Barb Kabat (for Ellen Rosengarten), Kenneth Melendez, Jackie Myers, Nick Reeder, Shari Rethman, Vann Rogers

Not attending: Rick Jurus, Ellen Rosengarten, Marsha Wamsley

Others attending: Forrest Cope, Bill LeJeune, Russ Marcks, Laurel Mayer

Pam called the meeting to order at 2:32 in room 6142.

1.      Minutes from June 12th

Vann moved to approve the minutes with some minor corrections. The motion passed.

2.      Introductions

Pam welcomed both new and returning members of Senate and everyone present introduced herself or himself.

3.      Intellectual Property recommendation

Pam explained that Jim Houdeshell could not be present for the discussion, but that Russ Marcks had also participated extensively in the development of the proposed policy and was ready to answer questions. Pam and Cindy also explained that Senate had recommended approval of the policy in Spring. The currently proposed change to section 2.4.6 of the Faculty Handbook (Attachment FSMA020925-03a) incorporates some changes in wording as a result of review by Monitoring Task Force and Sinclair's attorney. The existing policy and the original proposal were explained in "Needs Analysis for Change to the Intellectual Property Policy" (Attachment FSMA020925-03b). The changes recommended by Sinclair's attorney were also distributed (Attachment FSMA020925-03c).

Pam reported that since the policy has been under consideration for so long, Dr. Jacobs has requested that Senate consider a resolution to implement the policy immediately after action by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on Oct. 8th, rather than waiting for the normal implementation date of Sept. 1st.

Fred asked for clarification about the recommendation regarding section 2d, which restores the statement regarding works produced "entirely as a result of an assigned College duty." He asked how the change would affect Professors and those Associate Professors whose job description includes responsibility for Curriculum Design. Russ replied that section 2d was intended to apply only when faculty undertake high-level program development or when they sign a separate agreement. If a Professor develops materials for his or her course without using College resources, section 2d would not apply.

Russ, Pam, Cindy, Fred and others agreed that the proposed policy is an important step forward. They also suggest that faculty continue to be cautious and consider using the policy as a guideline for developing prior written agreements for their specific situations.

Pam asked Senate to suspend Robert's Rules so that it could act on Senate Recommendation #RCF0201 (Attachment FSMA020925-03d) to approve the Handbook change without the usual one-week delay between discussion and the vote. Senate agreed to suspend Robert's Rules. Cindy moved to approve Recommendation #RCF0201 and Vann seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Pam asked that Senate approve a resolution to implement the new Intellectual Property policy immediately upon approval by the Board of Trustee, rather than waiting until Sept. 1, 2003. Since the policy has already been discussed extensively and will benefit faculty, it should be put into effect as soon as possible. Fred cautioned that the Handbook is part of the annual contract for faculty, and there could be problems if any faculty member feels disadvantaged by changing that contract during the year. Frank moved that Senate approve a resolution to implement the policy immediately after Board approval. The motion passed.

4.      Distance Learning Development and Facilitation Policy

Cindy reviewed the history of the proposed Distance Learning Development and Facilitation Policy (Attachment FSMA020925-04a), including the fact that this policy is distinct from the still pending Distance Learning Compensation Policy. Vann served on the committee that developed the proposal and emphasized that they have had very extensive discussions about all aspects of the proposal.

Ken, Shari, Roxann, Jackie, Barb and others expressed concern with the policy's statement that faculty "must" comply with several requirements, including requirements to answer student e-mails and phone calls within three working days, to initiate contact with students once a week, and to report results of graded assignments within one week. Particularly in the case of large-enrollment video courses or in situations where faculty are unavailable because of conferences or other off-campus duties, it may not be practical for faculty to comply. Laurel noted that the policy specifies what faculty must do, but does not specify responsibilities for students. Barb pointed out that while the new Sinclair Portal makes email accounts available to all students, many distance learners do not yet use email.

Jim, Russ, Cindy, Nick, Vann, Barb and others emphasized that the proposed policy was well-intended, that the committee had worked very diligently to resolve many difficult issues, and that the policy does address several important shortcomings with the current Distance Learning policies. Forrest suggested that if the policy is not approved it should be forwarded to a different group for further consideration rather than being returned to the original committee.

Frank asked if Senate could amend the proposed policy with regard to the issues of requiring faculty to initiate weekly contact and to reply to student within three days. Cindy answered that Senate needed to either approve or not approve the policy, since it was intended that the policy be considered by the Board of Trustees at its Oct. 8th meeting.

Cindy moved to approve the policy as proposed, and Shari seconded the motion. The motion failed.

5.      President's Search Committee

Pam reminded Senators that Senate is to select a faculty member at large to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. Six faculty have expressed their willingness to serve on the Search Committee. To insure that all tenure-track faculty are aware of this opportunity, Cindy will distribute a email to all tenure-track faculty encouraging them to submit their names with a brief biography and a statement about their qualifications. Pam and Cindy asked Senators to help spread the word, including the fact that the first meeting of the Search Committee will be Friday, Oct. 4th.

One of the Search Committee's first tasks will be to develop a profile of important qualifications to look for in Sinclair's next President. The Faculty Senate meeting of Oct. 2nd will be devoted almost entirely to selecting the at-large faculty member and to providing guidance regarding the profile.

Pam and Cindy noted that the Search Committee includes broad representation from the Sinclair community, including Board members, professional and support staff, a student, the Chair of Department Chairpersons' Council, the President and Vice President of Senate and the at-large faculty member.

Fred asked that the views of Part-time, ACF and Special Adjunct faculty also be included when the Committee develops the profile and makes its recommendations. Pam replied that she has already reached out to these groups and will continue to do so.

6.      Fall Schedule of Senate Meetings

As Vice President, Cindy is developing a schedule of issues to be addressed at future Senate meetings, and she asked that all Senators inform her of items they wish to see included.

Pam emphasized that she intends to make increased use of Senate committees, including the Personnel Committee, chaired by Forrest Cope.

7.      Open Forum

7.1.           Ken asked about the status of the Distance Learning Compensation policy. Cindy replied that it this policy is still under development, but that it should be ready for Senate review soon.

7.2.           Nick reported a concern by faculty about the new copier policy and particularly the fact that faculty cannot be reimbursed if they accidentally charge copying against their Tartan cards. One question is whether or not this policy could be addressed through a class-action grievance. Pam and Cindy replied that it is probably not grievable, but that it would be an appropriate to forward the concern to the Personnel Committee. Pam also noted that Senators need to work with her to insure that each division is represented on this and other Senate committees. Jim said that the copier policy also affects staff and suggested that Faculty Senate should consult with Staff Senate on the matter.

7.3.           Russ said that room assignments seem to have been a significant problem this year because of the increased enrollment and perhaps because of difficulties with the R16 system. There is a committee looking for ways to improve the system.

7.4.           Russ shared a report that Ohio State University is reluctant to accept chemistry courses from any community college and was concerned that the problem may spread to other disciplines and institutions. Pam replied that Sinclair is aware of the issue and that Jim Johnson and Mike Smith are addressing it at a state level in their work with the Ohio Board of Regents and Ohio Faculty Senate.

7.5.           Cindy reported that she and Kay Berg are serving on the LRC Renovation Committee. She reported briefly on the reasons for the renovation, which include ADA requirements and water and HVAC problems. She will continue to report to Senate.

7.6.           Jim asked if FITs survey forms are still available, and they are. Any full-time faculty member who has not yet completed one should contact Ned Young. The initial return rate has been very high.

7.7.           Pam thanked the Senators and their constituents for their work and service to Sinclair.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15.

Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, Oct. 2, 2002