Oct 20, 2004

Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Jackie Myers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Derek Allen, James Brooks, Susan Callender, Frank Clay, Myra Grinner, Ryan Murphy, Amanda Romero, Ellen Rosengarten, Tom Singer, Charles C. Williams, Marti Shapiro, Marsha Wamsley

Others attending: Dona Fletcher, Ann Hall, Bill LeJeune


Cindy called the meeting to order at 2:33 in Room 6142. Cindy welcomed Ann Hall as the new representative of Counselor’s Council to Faculty Senate.

1.      Approval of Minutes

Ellen moved to approve the minutes from Oct. 6th with minor corrections suggested by Jim. The motion passed.

2.      Officers’ Report

2.1.           Instructional Council Meeting (Oct. 8)

Cindy reported that she had shared the Faculty Senate Matrix of Issues with Instructional Council. She also distributed the results of a storyboarding session by Department Chair’s Council (attachment FSMA20041020-01.jpg) in which they identified “hot issues,” “medium issues” and “on-ramp” issues.

Cindy distributed a summary, “3 Ways to get your Grades” (attachment FSMA20041020-02.doc), and asked Senators and other faculty to help inform students about the changes. A grade report will be emailed to students through their My Sinclair email address, students can obtain an official grade report through their Web Advisor account, and they can phone either 512-5454 or 1-866-512-5454. Grades will no longer be available through the previous 800 number or through GetGrades.com.

Cindy said that a tuition payment plan will be made available for students beginning Winter Quarter through an external company.

2.2.           Board of Trustees Meeting (Oct. 10)

Cindy reported that the Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a plan to explore regional expansion. The Board emphasized that funds from the Montgomery County levy will not be used to expand beyond the county and that Sinclair will continue to develop the central campus.

Cindy reported that the Board is moving forward with a review of Sinclair’s policies and procedures. On Nov. 10th, there will be a special meeting of Faculty Senate with Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Saundra Schuster (Senior Assistant Attorney General) to discuss this review.

2.3.           Test Scanning Proposal

Cindy reported that she and Jackie have sent forward a proposal to expand services for scanning faculty tests (attachment FSMA20041020-03.doc). Myra asked about administrative support for the plan and about possible overlap with the test scoring system available in my.sinclair. Cindy replied that the proposed system is very reasonable in terms of both financial cost and the implementation effort. It also has the advantage of serving as a back-up to the current system. There are concerns about web systems with regard to security and effort required. Ellen and Susan expressed their support for the proposal.

2.4.           Faculty Website Proposal

Cindy reviewed the proposal she submitted to the Delta Team regarding faculty/instructional resources on our.sinclair (attachment FSMA20041020-04.doc). The goal is to make it easier for faculty to find things that relate directly to instruction and to faculty development. Susan asked who would be responsible for implementing the proposal, and Cindy replied that it would be the responsibility of the Faculty Resource Team in cooperation with IT. Sinclair’s administration has expressed support for the proposal.

2.5.           FITs Meeting (Oct. 19)

Cindy reported that the FITs team will be meeting at least monthly. There are plans to hire a consultant to review range closure, in part because the internal review has shown the issue to be very complex. Jim said that the original plan called for a review of range closure every three years and it is not clear that this has always been implemented. Frank and Charlie said that there is also a need for a broader reexamination of the system of pay increases at Sinclair. Cindy agreed and said there is likely to be another consultant hired to conduct that broader review.

Cindy summarized the initial FITs discussions, including issues of parity, range closure, early retirement buyout and overload under supplemental retirement. Jim asked about the response to the faculty survey and Cindy replied that it is important for faculty to return the surveys if they have not done so. Fred asked if details of the PACE survey data broken out by faculty rank could be made available to Senate, and Cindy replied that she would check. Dona emphasized the importance of using multiple methods to keep faculty informed and engaged in the FITs process.

3.      Committee Reports


4.      Special Orders


5.      Unfinished Business

5.1.           Matrices

Cindy reported that the Matrix of Faculty-Administration Issues and the Faculty Senate Matrix of Issues are both unchanged since the previous meeting.

5.2.           Office Hours

Jim asked that faculty office hour policy be addressed at the meeting of Nov. 17th. He will provide a written proposal in advance of that meeting.

6.      New Business (Open Forum)

6.1.           Health Care Committee Members

Cindy reported that Mary Dudash-White will be leaving the Health Care Committee after this year. The Committee would like to identify a replacement as soon as possible to allow a smooth transition. One faculty member has expressed interest in joining the Committee. Cindy asked Senators to seek additional candidates and to submit their names to her with a summary of their qualifications.

6.2.           Motion to Contact an Attorney

In light of the current plans for a major review of the Faculty Handbook and other College policies, Fred moved that

”Senate form a ad hoc committee to meet with an attorney who specializes in either higher education or employment law to investigate how Sinclair’s Faculty Handbook and faculty contracts can best be structured to protect the legal rights of tenure-track faculty. The committee is directed to report back to Senate no later than February 2005 and is authorized to spend up to $1500 from the Senate’s saving account for necessary legal fees.”

Susan seconded the motion. After brief discussion, Cindy moved to table the motion until after Senate meets with Dr. Schuster on Nov. 10th. Charlie seconded, and the motion to table passed.

6.3.           Senate Records

Fred distributed to each Senator a CD that includes the Senate minutes and attachments since Fall 2001 plus forms and other resources.

6.4.           Committee Memberships

Cindy reported that there has been good progress in setting up the Resource Committee and the ad hoc committee for ACF recognition, but there is still a need for additional members of the Personnel Committee.

6.5.           Faculty Offices

Frank asked if there had been an earlier recommendation about criteria for an appropriate faculty office. He suggested that the topic be considered as a future agenda item.

6.6.           Faculty / Staff Senate Office

Cindy reported that the space currently designated as an office shared by Faculty and Staff Senates may soon be used by LAS counselors. She and Travis Beetley (President of Staff Senate) will consult with Sinclair’s archivist, Julie Orenstein, about how to manage the items currently in the office.

7.      Announcements

7.1.           Grade Reports for Students

See item 2.4 above.

7.2.           Meeting with Dr. Saundra Schuster

See item 2.2 above.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00.

Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, Nov. 17, 2004